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MyThemeShop WordPress URL Shortener Pro is one of the most powerful tools for creating beautiful, short URLs.

Premium WordPress URL Shortener Plugin For Creating Shorter URLs

WordPress URL Shortener Plugin

As an affiliate, I know you are always looking for ways to generate more revenue. With URL Shortener Pro, you can easily create short links, cloak your outgoing links, and track which links are getting the most traffic.

MyThemeShop WordPress URL Shortener Pro is one of the most powerful tools for creating beautiful, short URLs.  You can hide affiliate links through URL Shortener, It helps special affiliate marketer to promote your affiliate product on advertising network like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads. URL Shortener Pro is easiest WordPress Plugin to create short URL/Links, You can choose any redirection method like Header 302, 307 Temporary and 301 Permanent.

Key Features of WordPress URL Shortener Plugin

#Create Short Links

Create short links visitors will easily be able to memorize and that you can fit into Tweets, Facebook posts and more.

#Faster Than Any External Shortener

External shorteners can be slow when redirecting your visitors. That damages customer satisfaction and it slows down your site. Our plugin is the fastest way to link!

#Fully Customizable

Change setting to make your short links just the way you want them. Make sure your links reflect your brand and stick in the memory!

#Hide Affiliate links

URL Shortener is a great way to hide affiliate links. This is a perfect way to ensure that people don’t bypass your links and cost you money!

#Easy to Use

URL Shortener could not be easier to use. This is a quick way to generate links to any page on your site!

#Organize Short Links in Categories

Keep all your short links in one convenient place and quickly sort and organize them so you can find the ones you need.

#Redirect with 301/302/307 Headers.

Redirect your visitors and keep them updated as to what’s going on. This is a good way to deal with dead links and keep that visitor engagement.

#Redirect with Javascript

Use javascript with your redirect to add al kinds of extra functionality. Store cookies, transfer data or show loading animations, The sky is the limit!

#Redirect with Meta Refresh Tag.

Refresh your page to ensure that your visitors see the very latest and most up to date information.

#Redirect with invisible iFrame

Redirect with invisible iFrames to further obfuscate trajectories around the web. This way visitors won’t even see the page as it reloads and you’ll enable a lot of interesting effects!

#Open Link in New Window.

Send your visitors to an affiliate product while keeping them engaged with your brand. Or let them read two of your pages at once. The option is yours when you redirect with fresh windows!

#Option to Add RE=”NOFOLLOW”

Avoid letting spiders and trackers follow your links by adding NOFOLLOWS. A great way to hide your order confirmation page, activation codes and more!

#Option to Add Re=”NOREFERRER”

Don’t want the destination site to know yu sent the visitors? Add a NoReferrer keyword and them won’t. Our tool is infinitely flexible to fit your every need!

#Option to Add “TITLE” Attribute.

Add titles to your redirects to update your visitors on what’s happening or to improve your search engine optimization.

#Cloak URLS(Show Different URL on Hover)

URL Shortener goes even further to help you protect your affiliate links and hide.

#Easy to insert in Post.

Our plugin make it incredibly easy to insert links anywhere and everywhere as you create post and pages!

#Add links using ShortCodes

Shortcodes are just one more feature that makes URL Shortener an incredibly convenient and rapid tool. Just add a small snippet of code anywhere on your site and your link will be ready to go!.

#Set up Redirection Delay

Let your visitors linger as long as you like. Add and delay to your redirects while you show a message.

#Bulk Replace Links in Old Post  & Pages.

Got lots of old links you want to replace? Our tools let you easily swap them for your new shorter URL. This can save your countless man-hours!

#Limit Replacements.

Or use the filters included to limit replacements and make sure that only certain links are swapped out- it’s your call!

#Disallow Folders in Robots.TXT

Disallowing folders in robots.txt is just one more way that you can secure your links and hide them from prying eyes and prying scripts!

#Import From Pretty Link Plugin!

Using Pretty link and want swap to our powerful URL Shortener tool?  We make the process easy by letting you quickly import your old links and settings.

#Hooks  For Developers

Our code is easy to modify and share if you want to make your own changes and use the plugin however you wish!

Above are the key feature of MYTHEMESHOP WordPress URL Shortener Plugin Pro. Now check the below URL Shortener FREE VS PRO.

WordPress URL Shortener Plugin

#What You Get

  1. Unlimited Domain Usage?
  2. One Click Installation?
  3. Support & Updates for One Year?
  4. 24×7 Premium Technical Support?
  5. Narrated Video Tutorials?
  6. Secured & Optimized Code?
  7. 30 Day Money Back Policy?

Before you purchase WordPress URL Shortener Plugin, You need to try DEMO Dashboard 

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WordPress URL Shortener Plugin

Check this WordPress URL Shortener Plugin, If you have any more information for Plugin to add to the list, leave a comment and let me know! Don’t forget to share this post!

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